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UniRig Line Array Hardware

UniRig - The first universal rigging hardware available to the public.

We developed a rigging system that will adapt to everyone’s line array designs. Developed around a standard 10-degree line array trapezoidal enclosure and adjust from 0-10 degrees.

List $479 - Direct $319
Sizing Chart

Bumper and transport
Easy Trasport and extended front for counter balance when
stacking on forward tilt with RAM-3000 Line array enclosures.
Also rigged for stacking RAM-3000 alone.



RAM-3054-FB (Floor Bumper)
List $2,195 (Pr.) - Direct $1,449 (Pr.)
UniRig Bumper Rails
UniRig Bumper Rail Mounts.
List $749 (Pr.) - Direct $549 (Pr.)
RAM-3000 T-Bar
RAM-3000 T-Bar (T-Bumper)
List $TBD (Pr.) - Direct $TBD (Pr.)